Forensic Ecology Collection Kit For Water Samples

£25.00 ex. VAT


Our Forensic Ecology Collection Kit for Water Samples allows collection of a pond, stream or river sample to identify the presence of a specific target species.

Please check with us first to confirm that you target species is possible to detect via eDNA. User must arrange for delivery of kit back to laboratory. We can arrange this under instruction using our courier service though this will incur a change of £45.00 per delivery.

  • Free UK Next Day Deliveryif ordered by 1pm (excluding Northern Ireland)
  • Free Return Delivery of samples by hassle-free delivery via any royal mail post box
  • Long Expiry Dates meaning you can stock up on kits for up to 3 months and use kits as and when you need them.
  • Quality– Kits are manufactured in a clean & separate laboratory to ensure target DNA free contents Sampling instructions, collection form and pen included. Preservative included in the kits will give you the best opportunity to achieve a conclusive result.

Note: Sample valid season for Forensic Ecology is species and site specific


Forensic Ecology Water Sample Kit includes

1x eDNA kit box

1x Tube holder box insert

1x A4 clear plastic bag

1 x Whirl-Pak stand-up bag (1L)

1x 0.45µm Sterivex™ luer-lock

1x 50ml luer-lock syringe

1x 2ml luer-lock syringe

1x 50ml Ladle

1x 5ml Eppendorf tube containing 5ml of sample preservative solution



Laboratory analysis is bought separately and invoiced after analysis is complete:

Standard:            £140.00                               10 working days

Prices exclude VAT.

As there will be many species present in the pond sample, please let us know your target species and we can specifically analyse the sample for presence of this species.

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