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eDNA - The Power of a Forensic Ecology Laboratory at Your Fingertips

SureScreen Scientifics specialise in the analysis of ecological samples. We provide a diverse range of laboratory services to the ecological industries, including forensic ecology eDNA-based species detection from environmental samples and molecular species identification and sexing. We also have extensive expertise in eDNA assay design.

Great Crested Newt eDNA

SureScreen Scientifics is one of the UK’s leading great crested newt eDNA service providers.

We’re proud to say we have again scored 100% (10/10) on the latest proficiency test (2024).

eDNA-based surveys of great crested newts are nationally recognized as an approved methodology for ecological impact assessments for the planning and development sector.

For more information on GCN, click here.

Great Crested Newt eDNA

Increasing the sustainability of eDNA

Have any out of date GCN eDNA Kits lying around? Don’t throw them away – you can upgrade them by purchasing a GCN eDNA Refill Kit here.

Each year we see around 20% of purchased kits go to waste, i.e. surplus to requirement and not returned to our lab for analysis. We wanted to do something about this so we have created a GCN eDNA Refill Kit to help save 100’s of kgs of waste a year.

Increasing the sustainability of eDNA

Our Services

From crayfish eDNA to bird sexing, find out more about our molecular laboratory services below

Popular eDNA Targets

  • Great crested newt

  • White-clawed crayfish

  • Signal crayfish

  • Common carp

  • Crayfish plague

  • Freshwater pearl mussel

  • European eel

  • Sea lamprey

  • Brown (sea) trout

  • Atlantic salmon

  • Chytrid fungus

  • Brown trout

  • Common frog

  • Chinese mitten crab

  • Smooth newt

  • Quagga mussel

Click here to see our full list of eDNA target species

How can we help?

Online Shop

Whether you are looking to test an environmental DNA sample for GCN, European eel or chytrid fungus or test a biological sample for species of origin, SureScreen Scientifics offers an array of easy-to-use sample collection kits and tools to get you started with your project.

Visit our online shop to purchase your sample collection kits now by clicking HERE.

Online Shop

Experts in eDNA Assay Design

We have a comprehensive list of species which we can now detect using DNA-based molecular approaches from the identification of bats and other species from biological samples using DNA barcoding approaches, to the detection of crayfish, freshwater pearl mussels and Atlantic salmon from water using qPCR-based eDNA presence/absence surveys. 

Can’t see your species listed here? Let our in-house team of molecular biologists help and design an assay for any target species.

We have experience in designing, developing and validating a wide range of assays for species including white-clawed crayfish, marbled crayfish, freshwater pearl mussels and demon shrimp.

Experts in eDNA Assay Design

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