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Our Great Crested Newt eDNA sample collection kit contains everything required to collect a successful GCN eDNA sample in the field. Each kit can be used to survey a single pond, for the presence of the great crested newt (Triturus cristatus). See below for full description and details on how to retun your kits.


Do you have left over or out of date kits from a previous year? Consider to upgrade your old kits using our new GCN eDNA Refill Kit to save costs and unnecessary waste.


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Our GCN eDNA Kits have been carefully designed to make life in the field as easy as possible. All our great crested newt kits comply with the protocol outlined in WC1067. One kit is required for each pond, up to 1 hectare. Additional kits are required for larger sites.

Do you have left over or out of date kits from a previous year? Click here to upgrade your old kits using our new GCN eDNA Refill Kit to save costs and unnecessary waste.


Here are the main benefits of choosing kits and analysis from SureScreen:

  • Free UK Next Day Delivery if ordered by 1 pm (excluding Northern Ireland).
  • Returning Kits to the Lab We recommend returning kits by an overnight courier such as DPD, they have depots across the UK and you can even arrange a convenient at home collection using their website. Alternatively we can arrange the collection of kits from your premises to our lab. The cost will be £40+VAT per consignment. We also accept hand-delivered kits between 08:00 and 16.00 Monday to Friday or by appointment 24/7.
  • Increased Shelf Life- Introduced in 2018. Natural England has announced that kits now have an expiry date of three months from sample receipt. Therefore, our kits will last all GCN season. It is important to remember that kits still need to be kept in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. When sampling has been carried out, kits have a further 4 weeks if kept in a refrigerator or 2 weeks if kept at ambient conditions though the best practice is to send kits back as soon as possible after sample collection.
  • Quality– Kits are manufactured in a clean room which is separate to our analytical laboratories, ensuring that all kits are free of target DNA in accordance with Natural England Approved Protocol WC1067. All contents are contained within one box, containing a holding rack for sample collection tubes to allow easy sampling, reduce the risk of spillage and damage during transit. Strong durable kits that you can actually stand on without damaging the box or kit contents.
  • Cost Effective– Kits are charged separately to the analysis ensuring that you are only charged for the analyses you actually carry out, this usually results in a big saving to our customers.
  • Environmentally Friendly– Based on customer feedback we have taken measures to reduce unnecessary single use waste in our kits. We have reduced excess packaging on the pipette, ladle and gloves (including only a single pair) and removed the pen and A4 plastic bag from our kits. These small changes will save a total of 270kg from landfill this year! Cardboard and other ingredients made from recyclable materials where possible. Please place all kit contents back in the kit when returned to the laboratory for analysis and we’ll ensure they are recycled responsibly.

Note: For results to accepted by Natural England, samples need to be collected between 15th April to 30th June. Positive results outside this season confirm presence though negative results outside this season should be regarded as inconclusive.


Kit Contents:

1x eDNA kit box
1x Tube holder box insert
1x Pair of sterile gloves
1x 15mL Pasteur pipette
1x Sample collection bag
1x 30mL Ladle
1x Great crested newt collection form and instructions
6x 50mL centrifuge tubes (each including 35mL of DNA preservative solution)



Laboratory analysis is bought separately depending on the number of analyses and the service required after sampling. The cost of analysis is invoiced to your account once the results are made available. Note: for the first order on new customer accounts the cost of analysis is required to be paid upfront.

  • 10 Working Days — £125 per analysis
  • 5 Working Days — £175 per analysis
  • 2 Working Days — £225 per analysis
  • Same Day Turnaround — £375 per analysis*

*Samples MUST arrive at the laboratory before 10:00am and is subject to availability

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