Founded in 1991, SureScreen Scientifics employs forensic scientists, biologists, physicists, material scientists and consultant engineers. Run by a dynamic team with the latest analytical and testing facilities, making SureScreen Scientifics the laboratory of choice for many businesses.

SureScreen is a rapidly growing, independent family run business, owning the facilities and equipment, reducing costs to enable competitive pricing.


Core areas:

The team is split in to two areas:

Material Science Team: Forensic and engineering values working on failure investigation and laboratory support. From complicated gear box examinations to determine the root cause of an failure to microscopic identification of debris in a filter, the same methodical approach is carried out to produce definitive results, quickly.

eDNA Team: Biochemistry precision to deliver accurate results for presence/absence of great crested newts and crayfish and identification of bat species from fecal droppings. Researchers are currently working on validating the method for detecting other species such as Pine Martins and Red Squirrels amongst others eDNA uses such as detected missing persons in bodies of water.


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