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Great Crested Newt - eDNA

The great crested newt Triturus Cristatus is an ecologically important species, protected under legislation within the UK. eDNA-based surveys of great crested newts are nationally recognised as an approved methodology for ecological impact assessments for the planning and development sector.

SureScreen Scientifics is a leading provider of GCN eDNA.

eDNA Survey Seasons

Optimal survey period =
Sub-optimal survey period =

Great Crested Newt

Results for great crested newt eDNA surveys are only accepted by Natural England if the samples were collected between mid-April and late-June, however, we can analyse samples taken all year round for other applications.

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Our analytical procedures strictly follow WC1067, the accepted and approved eDNA screening method by Natural England. We are an approved quality provider of eDNA GCN after actively participating in proficiency testing since its introduction. We're proud to say that we scored 100% in the latest proficiency test.


Cost Effective

Our prices have remained the same great value since 2015. We also offer the kit and analysis separately meaning that if testing is no longer required, you will only pay for the cost of the kit, often resulting in large savings for you.


Rapid Service

Receive results within 1, 3 or 10 working days with no requirement for pre-booking ahead of time. Our high capacity laboratory allows you to send kits back whenever they are ready, and we will ensure the results are sent within your selected deadline.

Buy Your Kit

We provide our sample kits separately to the cost of analysis. Each great crested newt eDNA collection kit includes everything required to collect a successful pond water sample.

  • GCN eDNA Kit – £20 ex. VAT
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Prices & Turnaround Times

Our analytical process is very sensitive, robust, and requires careful handling in a controlled laboratory environment. We offer three tiers of turnaround times, all tiers require the purchase of a kit and exclude VAT.

  • Standard                 £120 per analysis    10 working days
  • Fast Track               £220 per analysis    3 working days
  • Super Fast Track   £320 per analysis    1 working day


Returning Your Kit for Analysis

We recommend returning kits by courier with APC, they have depots across the UK and the most convenient drop-off spot may be found here. We also accept hand-delivered kits between 07.30 and 16.30 Monday to Friday, and by appointment 24/7. Please send completed kits back to our laboratory at:

SureScreen Scientifics
Morley Retreat
Church Lane, Morley

Prices & Turnaround Times

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Great Crested Newt eDNA FAQs

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