GCN eDNA Refill Kit

£15.00 ex. VAT

Our sustainable solution for expired GCN eDNA kits!


Our great crested newt refill kit contains preservative-filled tubes to enable the replacement of expired solution tubes from GCN eDNA Kits. This kit contains replacement preservative for 1x GCN eDNA Kit (to extend the use of expired kits).


Must be used with an expired GCN eDNA Kit to survey for the presence of the great crested newt (Triturus cristatus). See below for full product description.




Any samples collected using alternative, non-standard methods will not be validated in accordance with Natural England guidance WC1067 and will therefore be considered invalid. If you do not have a kit to refill, please order your kits here.

GCN eDNA Refill Kits have been designed with sustainability in mind. Every year around 20% of kits sold never come back to our lab – resulting in a significant amount of out of date, wasted single use materials. We have developed our refill kit with this in mind in order to increase the sustainability of GCN eDNA testing. By swapping out the preservative solution (the only part of the kit with an expiry date), we can once again use the remaining components of an expired kit. If you have expired kits – you no longer need to purchase a whole new kit, just purchase our handy refill kit, follow the instructions and help us reduce the environmental impact of eDNA testing today!

Free UK Next Day Delivery if ordered by 1 pm (excluding Northern Ireland).


Laboratory analysis is bought separately depending on the number of analyses and the service required after sampling. The cost of analysis is invoiced to your account once the results are made available. Note: for the first order on new customer accounts the cost of analysis is required to be paid upfront.

  • 10 Working Days — £125 per analysis
  • 5 Working Days — £175 per analysis
  • 2 Working Days — £225 per analysis
  • Same Day Turnaround — £375 per analysis*

*Samples MUST arrive at the laboratory before 10:00am and is subject to availability

Note: For results to be accepted by Natural England, samples need to be collected between 15th April to 30th June using a kit within its use-by date. Positive results outside this season confirm presence, though negative results outside this season should be regarded as inconclusive.



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