SureScreen with a forensic approach to problems and armed with key knowledge of foundry, assembly, manufacturing processes are able to solve issues quickly and offer advice to prevent recurrences. We are experts in failure investigation, metallurgy and root cause analysis so see failure from metals, plastics, rubber and composites in a wide spectrum of industries and components.

We have experience in a wide variety of failure mechanisms such as, fatigue, brittle fracture, corrosion, SCC (Stress Corrosion Cracking), creep, wear and embrittlement.

Quick and Efficient

All businesses suffer from component failures, under performing equipment, or accidents but it’s resolving them quickly and efficiently that makes you stand out. We can often turn around complicated failures within 3 days and sometimes within 3 hours, because we understand that when something is urgent, it need fixing yesterday.

Detailed Reports

We provide detailed failure investigation reports that tell you how something failed, why it failed and advice on how to prevent it failing in the future.

Over 20 Years Experience

Having depth of experience spanning 20 years in a huge range of industries we have the technical know how to help you resolve your problem.

If you have a component that is broken, corroded, fractured, brittled, fatigued, smashed, twisted, mangled, destroyed, rotated, twisted, crumpled, bent, damaged, cracked, ruined, wrecked, fragmented or shattered, you can guarantee we’ll find the reason why.


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