eDNA is DNA collected from the environment in which an organism lives to verify its presence or absence from that area.

Sampling habitats by eDNA is quick and efficient, and gives positive ‘evidence of absence’ easily and accurately, preventing any unnecessary further surveys. It’s quick, much safer and less invasive compared to traditional trapping or torching.

Including eDNA in your portfolio is an ideal way to promote your services to new and potential clients, and gives them the fast, accurate results they need to progress their project.

Our laboratory handles all the DNA work in-house alongside our neurochemistry and cancer assays, and other forensic work. Some of our other collaborative projects include the RESPOC system for rapid diagnosis of respiratory diseases and the DNA-based Q-CANCER project developing a fast-processing genetic sequencer for cancer biopsy samples. We use PCR, qPCR and genetic sequencing for a range of disease states and DNA gene expressions.

We can test for:

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