When Great Crested Newts (GCN) inhabit a pond, they deposit traces of their DNA in the water. We analyse that water just like we do from a crime scene, to identify the presence of Great Crested Newts, leaving you to survey the positives conventionally. It’s that simple, though the analytical process is meticulous and can only be done in laboratories set up to conduct DNA work.

GCN eDNA Analysis

Our testing services come complete with a sampling kit delivered to your door, analysis in house and full report. Please send completed kits back to our Laboratory at SureScreen Scientifics Ltd, Morley Retreat, Church Lane, Morley, Derbyshire DE7 6DE by courier. We have found APC to deliver a good service, they have depots across the UK and your closest depot can be located using their depot finder here. We will also accept kits delivered by hand to the laboratory between 07.30 and 16.30 Monday to Friday and by appointment at other times 24/7.

We offer three tiers of laboratory service:

  • Standard service – results within 10 working days from sample receipt – £120.00
  • Fast Track service – results within 3 working days from sample receipt– £220.00
  • Super Fast Track service*- Results within 24 hours from sample receipt – £320.00

*New in 2018

All tiers require an initial kit purchase of £20.00 which can be ordered online here. Prices exclude VAT.

Collection needs care, in order to ensure you don’t contaminate one pond from the water of another, or stir up pond denatured DNA from prior GCN habitation. We provide full instructions with the kit to avoid the common pitfalls.


Why use SureScreen Scientifics?

Here are the main benefits of using SureScreen as your laboratory of choice:

  1. Quality– SureScreen strictly follow WC1067 which is the accepted method of screening using eDNA and we are listed as a quality supplier of this service by Natural England. We are also participating in eDNA proficiency Testing (PT).
  2. Experience– eDNA analysis has been carried out commercially since April 2015, SureScreen have been analysing samples since the technique was first approved by Natural England, learning and making improvements to the process continuously.
  3. Extended Shelf Life on kits- Our Kits last at least 8 weeks before sampling if kept at ambient conditions. When sampling has been taken, kits have a further 4 weeks if kept in the refrigerator or 2 weeks at ambient conditions. We have experimented and scientifically proved this- more information can be found here.
  4. Don’t book slots– Using SureScreen you do not need to book an analysis slot in advance which can be difficult at the best of times, simply send the kits back when ready and we’ll endeavour to analyse and report by the deadline at the latest. We will of course send the results as soon as they are available.
  5. Competitively Priced– Yes we’re competitive on price but SureScreen also offer the kit and the analysis separately, sometimes resulting in a big cost saving as if you cannot gain access to a number of ponds or they have dried up you will only be charged cost price for the kit at £20 per kit and not for the analysis and kit at £140 or £240 per pond or more from other laboratories.
  6. Personal Touch– Being a dynamic family run business, in a state of the art converted Country Retreat, SureScreen own all the analytical equipment and facilities giving the company stability, security and the personal touch. We use sustainable materials where possible, recycle, have a ground source heat pump installed in the walled garden, have an orchard at the side of the property and half a dozen bee hives.

For a flowchart taking you through the GCN eDNA analysis process click here.

Click SureScreen GCN eDNA Testing Form Mk4 to download a word version of the sample form so you can edit it and print to save time.

Note: Natural England GCN eDNA Analysis season is between mid april and end of June.


Please call +44 (0) 1332 292003 if you would like more information.


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