eDNA Laboratory Analysis

Environmental DNA or eDNA, is DNA collected from the environment in which an organism has been. We can use this eDNA to identify what species has been here and verify its presence or absence from that area.

Quality is a vital ingredient for a laboratory issuing any result, SureScreen is ISO9001 accredited and we are currently building up our casefile for external accreditation to ISO17025 for all eDNA work carried out.

Our laboratory handles the DNA work in-house alongside our other forensic work. We also have partnerships with other laboratories such as The University of Derby and QuantuMDx UK, to verify results and sensitivities. Some of our other collaborative projects include the RESPOC system for rapid diagnosis of respiratory diseases and the DNA-based Q-CANCER project developing a fast-processing genetic sequencer for cancer biopsy samples. We use PCR, qPCR and genetic sequencing for a range of disease states and DNA gene expressions.


eDNA Analysis

Currently SureScreen offer testing for:

SureScreen are also currently researching and looking to launch other eDNA testing capabilities such as:

  • Crayfish. White Clawed Crayfish, Signal Crayfish and Crayfish Plague.
  • Missing Persons in Watercourses
  • Freshwater Pearl Mussel Analysis Margaritifera margaritifera
  • Demon shrimp Analysis Dikerogammarus haemophabes
  • Analysis for multiple species at once using metagenomics and next generation sequencing (NGS). i.e send in a pond sample and we’ll be able to state all species present. Or send in multiple bat dropping samples and we’ll be able to state all species present.
  • Analysis to match an individual to a sample. i.e is this dog fecal sample from this specific dog. From 20 droppings, how many individual animals does this relate to. This will also allow ecologists to calculate population sizes in areas.

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